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The Republic of Kazakhstan
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Our company philosophy

Our company philosophy is similar to our personal philosophies: Respect and treat others as you wish to be treated. Give back to society whenever possible.

  • We commit to exceeding our customer’s expectations in quality and professional excellence
  • We pursue continuous technical growth, knowledge, and market diversification
  • We are committed to continuous improvement
  • We pledge to deliver what we promise

Caspian Energy Corporation's clients include major international and national Oil and Gas Companies. Our team works with our customers on their specific project requirements and equipment specifications. Our team has extensive experience and expertise to execute all aspects of Project Procurement.

Our experience guarantees the customer with On-time delivery of high quality & cost effective products.

We understand the sensitivity of ON TIME DELIVERY, product specification, specifics of supply chain, procurement risks, product certification process, custom declaration process and legal boundaries around import of goods.

We have the support systems already in place to provide the services required for sourcing in USA, Italy, UAE, China and India. These include:

  • Sourcing to comply with product standards
  • Supply chain planning to assure ON TIME DELIVERY
  • Customer service coordination between engineering, factory, transport, and job-site
  • Import certification, import tax mechanics, shipment insurance and secure banking transactions.

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