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Project Procurement Management

Projects of varied size and complexity require unique scaling of project procurement management techniques to effectively and economically manage procurement risks. We provide the following services that emphasize procurement management and contract administration as methods for reducing project cost, schedule, and quality risks:

Procurement Planning:

  • Identification of contracting approach and lead-times
  • Develop list of product specification; identify cost, schedule, type and quality requirements; and delivery issues.
  • Develop structured approach for procurement project management tasks, schedules, and budgets.
  • Identify procurement risk assessment and develop a risk management plan.
  • Identify all contract actions, requirements, dollar estimates, lead times, issues, and risk management actions; obtain sponsor approval for plan; use peer review to verify realism and identify additional risks.

Procurement Process:

  • Pre-qualify suppliers and build vendor working relationships.
  • Negotiate costs, and lead-times for procurements.
  • Document contracting approaches and administrative lead-times.
  • Write administrative checklist for procurements; develop structured approach to document requirements and deliverable.
  • Apply schedule for procurement tasks; write Scope of Deliverable.
  • Develop selection criteria and establish contract administration.

Procurement Liaison:

  • Obtain procurement point of contact for project; deliver plans, and schedules
  • Maintain active communications exchange.
  • Include procurement staff in review of plans, distribution of project communications, and attendance at meetings.

Contract Administration:

  • Follow-up with suppliers to ensure compliance with delivery, performance, and cost requirements; manage changes deliberately and maintain good records.
  • Establish project files for all contracts, specifications, and deliverable.
  • Establish project office function to track contract modifications, deliverable (receipt, review, comments, and acceptance), and contract correspondence.

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